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Our services are priced according to the individual’s specific requirements.
Please contact us for a quotation for research.

Our Services

This research identifies direct relatives back through the generations to find children, siblings and cousins and reports includes copies of all relevant documentation

We can assist with applications for citizenship based on a grandparent’s birth in Ireland. This involves locating the birth certificate along with assistance with the application process

This research traces the ownership and can provide information on occupiers of a house or farm back to the time of construction along with the history of the locality.  An ideal birthday, wedding or Christmas gift. Also suitable for marketing reports for estate agents.

If you wish to pursue your own research but need some expert assistance, a personal mentoring service is available.

Available to community groups, schools and corporate groups.

If you are visiting Ireland to trace your family history and need some assistance with your research while here we can provide a bespoke mentoring service to suit your specific needs.

If you wish to have a genealogy lecture on Irish Family History research included as part of your group’s tour itinerary this can be arranged on location

If you are living abroad and wish to obtain copies of relevant documents which are unavailable through online sources, we can arrange retrieval of same.

We can provide assistance with interpretation of DNA results. In recent times many have undertaken DNA tests in order to find out more about their ancestry, the results are often difficult to interpret and require some paper based research to be carried out.